San Francisco

Creative Director

July 2019

One Steuart Lane is a timeless residential masterpiece from the architects behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and New York City’s One World Trade Center. A crown jewel of open-air craftsmanship and design, it’s the final new waterfront development in San Francisco and the only to offer uninterrupted waterfront views. Its prestige is unmatched—the first and last of its kind.


One Steuart Lane is for those who appreciate the truly rarified—people who are drawn not simply to luxury but to the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’. Utilizing a modern aesthetic, the branding positions the San Francisco waterfront as a rarified collection of experiences and One Steuart Lane as the final opportunity to own them all. A repeating collection grid pattern, the iconic shape of the building and a single horizontal line representing the residence’s unobstructed water views reoccur throughout the creative.


Equal parts impressionistic and poetic, the film portrays the San Francisco waterfront experience more as a feeling rather than simply a location—an experience that One Steuart Lane’s architecture was designed to compliment. Narrated by the father of American architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, the balance of art and environment, design and feeling, craft and elegance—all given a home along the waterfront.


Utilizing a unique horizontal scroll, the website design imitates the building’s unobstructed and unending horizon line. Throughout, the mix of video and photography provides an immersive and unique experience unlike any other in its category. 


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