Work Happy

Bishop Ranch is a sprawling commercial campus in California’s East Bay that leases space to corporations and start-ups alike. It faces stiff competition from developments in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, most of which feature state-of-the-art infrastructure and trendy locations. For all that the competition offers, they simply cannot compete with Bishop Ranch in the one area that matters most—employee happiness.


Statistically, the chief concern among business leaders is employee retention. And in order to retain their employees, they need to give them what they really want. According to a global study by JLL, 69% of all surveyed employees rate “a sense of happiness” as the #1 essential ingredient for a quality workplace, ranked above things like wealth, fulfillment, empowerment, and location. The conclusion for business leaders? Happiness is everything.


For decades, Bishop Ranch has made their campus the unrivaled pinnacle of workplace happiness. A fleet of food trucks every day? Yes. The most pet friendly campus imaginable? Yes. Movie theaters, fine dining, and rock climbing only 2 blocks away? Yes. The highest-rated office day care operation in California? Yes. This list goes on and on. That’s why Bishop Ranch is work… happy. Here, work and happiness are mutually exclusive in a way no other office campus can match.

With a kaleidoscope of playful graphics that exude joy, the campaign reinforces just how important employee happiness is with some eye-popping truths—ones that speak directly to the Californian C-suite audience. At Bishop Ranch, happiness is everything. In deciding the location of a workplace, happiness is also everything.

Matthew Connolly — Creative Director

Heidi Olson — Sr. Copywriter


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