Go Bold

Luxor—the iconic black pyramid of Las Vegas—a glowing celebration of amplification. Inside, things tend to be hotter, spicier, funnier, stranger, and simply bolder. It’s a monument to the flamboyant, the electric, and the “holy sh*t did you just see that?” Its beam is an invitation to those hungry for thrilling surprise and adventures unknown. Look to the sky, answer the call, and go bold.



As one of the most value-oriented and eclectic resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, the risk of Luxor setting the wrong expectation with marketing is high. A brand promising a chic, youthful, and luxurious experience would misrepresent the actual product — one that’s far more about quirkiness, novelty, and unique entertainment. The new branding seeks to remind all of the black pyramid’s iconic status in the cultural zeitgeist while locking in an expectation of over-the-top fun. It’s all about the iconic destination and the expectation of thrill.


A pyramid built for thrills and the wildly unexpected requires a branding system to serve as its exclamation point. An inexhaustible, highly stylized, and boldly escalating Egypt-meets-Vegas extravaganza. Every visual, headline, and touch point dramatically asks all to join in the fun.


To be bold is to be in motion. Unapologetically large type animations work in concert with dramatic shots bathed in light, energy, and flair—all to set the stage for the action-packed experience to come, regardless of format.

Las Vegas

Creative Director, Photographer

MGM Resorts


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