Above Las Vegas exists a class of villas whose luxury and soaring views are matched only by their exquisite level of service. When the world’s most discerning guests visit, they know that every detail and feature has been meticulously prepared for their arrival.



At this level of luxury hospitality, extra is to be expected. Each SKYVILLA guest receives an exclusive daily in-room amenity dish created by ARIA’s acclaimed chefs. Accompanying each is a notecard providing background of the dish as well as a QR code leading to a short film about its making. From dates harvested deep in the Mojave Desert to Peruvian chocolate shaped in an ice bath, each film illuminates the exquisite craft on display. 

Matthew Connolly — Creative Director, Photographer, Brand Film Director

Francesca Mastromarino — Art Director, Amenity Film Director

Kevin Anderson — Sr. Copywriter

Angela Castaneda — Producer


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