The sports bra is at the heart of every female athlete’s workout. It’s the first thing she puts on and the last to be taken off. For the NikeWomen Pro Bra collection, celebrating this unique relationship between product and individual was paramount. Introducing “Brahaus”—a pop-up space where consumers could get familiar with the collection and customize their purchases. A mix of photography and unique typography for promotion and a space design championing individuality for the experience.

Taking inspiration from the collection’s graphic pattern, the design of the pop-up space utilizes colored beams for structure while typographic accents throughout exude personality. Natural material contrasts with color and graphic flamboyance, creating a space begging to be photographed large and small. 

Selecting a phrase from the suspended examples throughout the space, customers were able to apply it to their Pro Bra purchase. The result is a unique and high quality custom product—one fitted just right to person and personality.


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