A landmark with over 100 years of history, the ever-evolving Broad Exchange Building embodies the rapidly unfolding future of Manhattan’s thriving Financial District. Once filled with the pulsing heartbeat of stock traders, now transformed into a residential tower with the legacy of action still within and outside its walls. This is life at the intersection of history, action and elegance.


To directly combat the reputation of a downtown district as old and uninteresting, the branding leverages illustrations that echo the building’s classical Beaux-Arts details, while photography, deep color, and bold typography encapsulate the character-rich neighborhood of Manhattan’s very first neighborhood. A cocktail of history and modernism garnished by a legacy of intrepid momentum—all to maintain the grandeur of a century old building, while ensuring its perception as home base for endless vitality and excitement.

The brand’s design twists the concept of classic into one of timeless energy—an energy decorated in vintage style but glowing with an enterprising spirit of a thriving neighborhood in constant motion. The brand book tells the story of a historical district that is anything but sleepy.

Matthew Connolly — Creative Director

Heidi Olson — Sr. Copywriter

Kile Brekke — Art Director


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