The SoMa district of San Francisco is home to tech industry elites—it’s a neighborhood flowing with talent, passion and purpose. It’s also a proudly diverse district that fiercely guards its inclusivity. SoMa’s newest architectural addition, 88 Bluxome by Alexandria, is a best-in-class headquarters crafted as a launchpad for energy, ideas, and industry while equally serving as a conduit for the progress of people.


88 Bluxome was created to be a host for grand convergence—communities and companies, imagination and change. An energetic magnet of people and passions. Its two buildings, one charcoal copper steel and the other white glass tell the story in architecture. In branding, a never ending flow of energy as diverse as the people it represents come together in enterprising spirit.

Matthew Connolly — Creative Director

Heidi Olson — Sr. Copywriter


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