SLS Las Vegas


SLS Las Vegas

With funky art, deeply cool bars, endless live music, unusual dining options and a playfully chic design, SLS Las Vegas Resort and Casino is a magnet for people looking for something wildly different. Its brand and advertising needed a big idea as unique and mischievous as the hotel itself. A campaign that invites people as monkeys into a baroque playground. A double take that is one part elegance and style, the other mischief and play. A promise of antics, adventure and outrageous delight.

This campaign is a call to the trouble maker in all of us from the place that knows mischief best. SLS Las Vegas, The Menagerie of Mischief. It’s a bold and disruptive statement that instigates our primal desire to misbehave. Each headline and every image implores people to let loose, fulfill their every impulse and maybe get into some trouble.

It’s an exceedingly vibrant mirror of the SLS brand. If it tastes good, eat it. If it sounds good, dance to it. If it feels good, do it. After all, what are humans but a handful of silly monkeys looking to get into some fun trouble? Come join the primal pursuit of happiness, however ridiculous your happiness may be.

In Las Vegas, elaborate imagery designed to shock, look sexy or be fantastical dominates the advertising landscape, turning most into easily ignored white noise or marketing seemingly for the city itself rather than a particular brand. This campaign takes a new approach; look fun, be joyous and stay true to the brand. Utilizing aggressively raw headlines and an overall art direction that is as vibrantly playful as its message, the result is a stylistically fresh and boisterous campaign unlike any other in the hospitality category. 


Simple, shareable and striking, the visually raw campaign messaging is all that is needed to cause a stir. Traditional outdoor boards with visceral applications of headlines, transportation vehicles adored with provoking messages and even unusually placed set ups all set the campaign tone. Each piece making a statement of instigation, imploring people en mass to turn up to no good.