The Menagerie of Mischief

In the vibrant hospitality landscape of Las Vegas, SLS Hotel and Casino required a brand platform and advertising campaign that balanced a thin line of chic elegance and offbeat silliness. Something to ignite a fresh and ferocious sense of play amongst guests in the dazzling decor of the SLS brand.


Calling to the troublemaker inside every guest, the unbridled branding and campaign put carefree and primal delights on display, promising a baroque playground of endless upscale antics and outrageous experiences. Wild is not just allowed, it’s encouraged. This is a menagerie of mischief.

What are humans but a handful of silly monkeys looking to get into some fun trouble? Utilizing an art direction that is as vibrantly playful as its message, the result is a stylistically fresh and boisterous campaign unlike any other in the hospitality category. 

Among the funky art, deeply cool bars and endless oddities roamed instigators of nonsense, the Mischief Makers. These special SLS employees were tasked with facilitating amusing and mischievous scenarios for guests. Another round of cocktails on the house? Access to a secret location? A playful dare to cannonball into the pool with an unknown reward waiting for you at the surface? Who knows, anything goes.

Matthew Connolly — Art Director

Heidi Olson — Sr. Copywriter

Troy Gallo — Sr. Copywriter



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