Nobu Hotel

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Nobu Hotel

Founded by renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu Hotel is a luxurious boutique hotel crafted around luxury, theater and escapism. For the launch of the Miami Beach location, breathtaking moments of traditional Japanese glamour meet the spectacular South Florida setting in this sweeping, story-telling campaign. A beautiful geisha enjoys the sun’s rays on a pristine beach, a traditional fishing boat hunts for a morning catch and a regal woman dressed in an ornate kimono welcomes the rising sun over the Atlantic Ocean. The land of the rising sun has a new horizon.

The Nobu Hotel Miami Beach website design features a time specific video as the homepage background. Always depicting the current time in Miami, scenes move from the rooftop pool at sunrise to the midday sun streaming into a oceanside cabana. The homepage navigation bar, further representing the rising sun, was positioned at the bottom of the page and expanded upward into its various sub menus and booking calendar.