Mountainside at Northstar California


Mountainside at Northstar California

Lake Tahoe is home to countless luxury real estate developments, many with indistinguishable brands and amenities. The existing Mountainside at Northstar brand, luxurious and premium, needed to stand apart. Harkening back to the classic American spirit of adventure, its identity would become bold, energizing and intoxicatingly wild, focusing on the adventure aspect of living in the mountains; a rallying cry to the pioneering spirit. Each element of the brand would reflect this character, from the copper based visual system inspired by John Muir’s vintage sepia tone photographs to the grandiose and highly-detailed photography influenced by Ansel Adams. With each piece, Mountainside became more than just a collection of luxury homes. It’s a contemporary base camp for the modern day pioneer, calling to our innate need to pursue unseen horizons.


Mountainside’s unique location in Lake Tahoe is among its most defining attributes. Within steps from every home are dozens of ski runs, old-growth forests, alpine lakes, remarkable vistas and even the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail. Inspired by the summit registers on the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains, this impactful sales piece was developed for high-profile realtors to help position Mountainside as the quintessential luxury community with an adventurous soul. 

Within the magnetic copper & iron enclosure is a detailed map of the area, a corresponding field guide and a custom made compass resting inside a polished black wood interior. Once opened, the field guide and map showcased a wide variety of locations in and around the immediate Mountainside area. An overwhelming collection trails, viewpoints, ski runs and amenities each with more than enough information to get lost in the right direction.


Taking the brand story of adventure and discovery into the digital space, the website begins with unique compass inspired navigation system over a copper hued video background. Almost entirely image based, every direction from this point is an immersive experience. 

The explore section features a scalable interactive map, allowing the viewer to discover and select individual points of interest within the categories of skiing, hiking, biking and living. Once selected, these points expanded to reveal further information, 360º panoramas and video clips. This degree of interactivity allowed potential buyers to fully appreciate the diversity and scale of Mountainside’s community.


Each image was carefully composed to showcase the vast open spaces of Mountainside and the surrounding mountain wilderness. Dramatic scenes of sunrise and sunsets mixed with large format black and white photographs displayed the magnificent location in extraordinary detail.


As a premiere vacation desination, Northstar Resort recieves millions of visitors every year. In order to reach them in a comprehensive way, a magazine targeting the interests of Northstar visitors was given to each guest. Created by Mountainside, it contained insightful articles and useful information about skiing, adventures, dining as well as the luxury homes at Mountainside.