Director, Designer, Photographer

My name is Matthew Connolly, a Director, Designer and Photographer living and working in the western United States. As a one man circus of imagery, ideas and strategic thinking, I create work whose foundation is rooted in powerful narratives while employing a wide range of styles and techniques.

I am a lover of design and the creative process; a medium agnostic pursuer of big ideas that will resonate in small moments. I seek ideas that oppose convention and craft design that functions beautifully. A concept absorbed, pixel pushing, 24-70mm wielding, dreamer and frontiersman of tomorrow commonly found in high elevations.


Matthew was born to be an artist. His work flows so naturally and organically. He makes it look easy. Combine that with his intense dedication, passion and positive spirit and the only possible outcome is success. He motivates those around him. He thinks way outside the box and creates absolutely stunning visual inspiration. He always goes the extra mile. Always. 

We worked together on some major initiatives for a new resort launch and it was exciting to be working with this creative marvel. He brings an excellence to his craft that I have seen very rarely. I hope to work with Matthew again.

Nadia Khan / Executive Director of Marketing at Mandalay Bay


I’ve been wanting to write about this guy forever … but it becomes quite tough to get started with a person as talented as Matt. It’s like trying to describe all of the art in the Louvre in one day … impossible. Matthew is a human dynamo. He attacks every project with equal parts gusto and calm demeanor. His skill level, his thought process, his curious and well-thought-out conceptual nature along with his eye for detail is off the charts and beyond. He is an artist in so many ways one cannot imagine is even possible. He is one of the most multi-faceted and well thought out creative individuals I have ever known. Working with him at SK+G and watching him work with others has been one of the great joys of my time at SK+G. I will always follow his career, wondering, what mountain will he conquer next? Answer: All of them.

Steve Averitt  /  Executive Design Director

I had the pleasure of working with Matthew on one of the biggest launches in our agency’s history: Baha Mar. He’s an amazing talent, driven to succeed at all costs. He was consistently 10 steps ahead of the team, anticipating the client’s needs and evolving the concepts accordingly. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and there is quite simply no one with whom I’d rather be in the trenches. Not to mention, he’s a phenomenal photographer and a true wizard with Photoshop, often creating midnight comps using his own photos so his final product was up to his impeccable standards. A real driven, passionate and personable team player, Matthew is a joy and inspiration to all those who are lucky enough to be on his team. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

April Gelbart  /  Sr. Copywriter

Working with Matthew Connolly has spoiled me for life. He sees where the bar is set, laughs, and chucks it into a lake on a daily basis. His eye is impeccable, his ideas are meticulously thought-through, his executions are masterful (“Is this a comp or a photograph?”) and he will not rest — literally — until a project is lovingly put to bed. And then immediately he’s got his eye on the next one. 

As a partner he is extremely motivating, pushing me to rise to his level of dedication (“Let’s get up at 4am to get some photographs!”). He also has this habit of saying “we” in places where he could easily say “I”, making him the rarest of the rare in advertising: the true-blue team player. He loves what he does, and it shows in work that not only transcends the expected, but makes the usual ad fare look like wet newspaper and spaghetti thrown in a blender. 

In short, not all superheroes wear capes. In my experience, they wear a lot of flannel and look like Matt Connolly.

Heidi Olson / Copywriter

Matt is an energetic creative individual with a great sense of design and style. As creative partners on several projects, I was impressed with his ability to consider – and balance – strategic issues, creative concepts, and practical considerations. His attitude towards each project was very enthusiastic, and his creative energy, like a great cup of coffee! I am looking forward to collaborate with him on future creative projects.

Jose Bila Rodriguez  /  Creative Director & Managing Partner

I met Matt a few years ago while shooting for Sandals Resorts where he worked as an Art Director for HH Advertising. Matt’s creative vision and photography knowledge were crucial for our team’s success. It has been a pleasure to work with Matt all these years, I truly enjoyed his outside of the box thinking, keen eye for composition and aesthetics and overall his extraordinaire stamina to lead and deliver great photography.

Nelly Handscombe  /  Photo Stylist

Matt is an extremely talented and serious-minded photoshop master/design specialist with an eye for detail and a commitment to his craft. He is technically savvy (continuously keeping himself abreast of new techniques and software), energetic, versatile and dedicates himself to creating and producing beautiful things whether it’s graphic design or photography. On a personal level, Matt is a light-hearted prankster, a loyal person and a JOY to work with!

Janet Santelices  /  Design Director

Matt is one the most talented art directors and designers I have worked with. But what makes Matt special is that he brings the best of both worlds. His talent is equaled by an excellent work ethic. And to top that off, he has an attitude that is always positive. He is a rare find and I’m so honored to have the pleasure of working with him.

Angela Mitchell  /  Associate Creative Director

Matt Connolly has been both student and employee to me. His creative solutions are perhaps some of the best I have ever seen. Any company or client that is luck enough to work with Matt will soon realize how much talent he has to offer.

Thomas Rockwell  /  Creative Director